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Katrina’s sleek, efficient online source executive program provides a practical solution for all parishes’ day-to-day organizational needs, everything managable in only one dashboard!

Katrina meets the very highest standards when it comes to implementing security measures of personal data.

Need to book space for an event? Change timetables on the go? Receive and send electronic reminders about upcoming engagements? Katrina’s reliable easy-to-use software’s got you covered! Why else would over a hundred church parishes in Finland already trust in Katrina to provide effective solutions for their everyday operational issues?

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Katrina provides effortless user compatibility! Our IT experts guide you through every step of the learning process with our short training course and are committed to providing continued customer support to our clients whenever needed.

Working Solutions

Katrina’s broad range of service solutions have been specifically developed for use by local church organizations and parishes. What’s more, Katrina is at your disposal wherever and whenever you have access to the internet! No more carrying around bulky calendar organizers. No more frantic searches for phone numbers through loose notebook papers. With Katrina you can organize all your day-to-day planning online without ever needing a pen!


In need of specialized solutions unique to your parish’s activities? Not a problem! Our team will work to provide your organization with the best solution for your planning needs. You tell us what works best for you! Check out just some of our customizable features below!

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Why choose Katrina?

Katrina makes every day work easier for all users working in your parish. With various add-ons Katrina can be customized to fit your needs exactly!

Katrina has been developed together with Finnish parishes from the very beginning. During over 15 years of continuous development Katrina has grown from calendar software to full-grown enterprise resource planning system in Finland and Sweden. Not only Katrina handles basic calendar reservations, but it also takes care of detailed worship planning, public relations, enrolments for field trips and camps, event marketing, online payment and mobile work shift reporting just to mention some features.

Katrina is 100 % Finnish and we have been granted The Key Flag Symbol by the Association for Finnish Work.


It is very easy to start using Katrina. Our IT experts guide you through every step of the learning process with our short training course and are committed to providing continued customer support to our clients whenever needed. We are also able to convert your old data into Katrina, if needed.


Katrina is a continuously developing product that has a very diverse range of services for religious organizations. Katrina is also very mobile; you can use it wherever you can access the internet. Information security is valued part of Katrina. As a service provider we will take care of security issues continuously.


With Katrina you can genuinely save money. Our affordable initial cost and inexpensive operating costs include everything you need to operate the software efficiently: helpdesk services, regular backups and information security. In addition to this, with various add-ons to choose from you’ll pay for only those features you truly need!

Basic installation of Katrina includes:

  • Contact Information Register
  • Search for Common Meeting Times
  • Personal Calendar
  • Worship Planning and Print-outs
  • Library
  • Cost Pool Management
  • Church Diary with Visitor Count
  • Utilization Rate of Buildings
  • Invoicing of Reservations
  • Holiday and Work Shift Lists
  • Travel Expenses
  • Integrated Helpdesk
  • Catering Reservations
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Facility Calendars
  • Church Ceremonies and Print-outs
  • Work Shift Planning
  • Internal Information and Messaging System
  • Book of Reservations
  • List of Reservations


Check out some of Katrina’s time-saving features:

> Katrina KATSYNC

A two-way linking feature which allows you to synchronize Katrina with your mobile phone

> Katrina SMS

Communicate with entire contact lists through text message


Publish your parish’s events and contact information in your website in real time

> Katrina WEB FORMS

Make web forms for registration for occasions like confirmation classes, daycare, field trips etc. Katrina Web Forms is flexible when generating forms and provides also secure and easy processing of the enrolled.


File and process applications for official Church trips, Create and send invoices


Keep track of all your organization’s collective bargaining contracts with our Work Shift Organizer and follow realized working hours


Organize camping facilities and reservations for your parish’s own use as well as travellers.


Organizes contact information to your volunteers with task management features as well as marketing campaigns with online sign up.


Katrina interacts with the content management software of the Finnish and Swedish National Lutheran Churches website portals and accountance software. We also provide interface with several partners that provide services such as cemetery administration programs and real estate climate control programs.

> Katrina DEACONRY

Developed specifically for use by Church Deacons for church’s social work


Contact property administrators directly and manage maintenance tasks

> Customize your Katrina!

Katrina is readily customizable to suit the needs of all kinds of organizations. Contact us to tell about your special needs!

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