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About Us

M&V Software Oy

M&V Software is a reliable and efficient partner that offers software design and development with web-technologies.

Katrina is our main product, but we have also developed several ERP, HR, CRM, CMS and Bespoke-solutions to various customers.

We also manage demanding maintenance, automation and interface-solutions.

Here are some examples of our previous work:

  • CRM
    • Customer Relationship Management systems with integrated project management modules.
  • HR & ERP
    • Human Resources Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
  • CMS Pro and Lite
    • We have developed two content management systems that have ready-made interfaces with our other products like Katrina and Seuramappi.
  • Rekrymappi
    • Rekrymappi is a versatile Recruiting Management System.
  • Vapaaehtoispankki
    • Vapaaehtoispankki is a software that takes care of organization of volunteers and volunteering work.

Read more about us

www.m-vsoftware.com (website is in Finnish)

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M&V Software Oy
Pyynpäänkatu 17 B, FI-26100 Rauma
Vapaaherrantie 2, FI-40100 Jyväskylä

Tel. +358 10 207 2100