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Katrina’s features and add-ons:

> Katrina KATSYNC

A two-way linking feature which allows you to synchronize Katrina with your mobile phone

Katrina’s KatSync feature allows users to synchronize information already stored in their own Katrina Calendars with their cell phones. Calendar entries made using a cell phone will automatically be stored in the Katrina Calendar application. No need to worry about security: your personalized privacy settings are applied throughout the whole Katrina system, even when information is recorded on your cell phone using KatSync! Reservations, appointments, meetings, holidays...all your vital engagements are stored safely and securely using KatSync’s two-way information storage process.

KatSync includes three different versions

  • Mail for Exchange for phones that support Exchange ActiveSync (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows-phones).
  • Symbian for older Nokia phones with Symbian 3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle or S60 operating system.
  • iCal for iPhones and iPads.

> Katrina SMS

Communicate with entire contact lists through text message

Send reminders about upcoming appointments to individual customers or to multiple recipients. Create your own contact lists and send template SMS messages to entire groups. No need to deal with the hassle of repeat message sending! With Katrina SMS’s Group Texting you can send notifications quickly and easily at the press of a button to entire participant lists i.e. confirmation class students, parents, etc.

With Katrina SMS you can send messages:

  • individually through SMS-page
  • as a reminder of upcoming events to parish employees directly from reservations
  • to groups of people through contact lists
  • to registrees and groups in Katrina Web Forms
  • to maintenance staff in Katrina Property Management
  • to contact groups or customers in Katrina Deaconry

You can also preset SMS message sending. Just write the message, select receivers and preset the message to leave at desired time.


Publish your parish’s events and contact information in your website in real time

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your upcoming schedule information published on the web at the same time you are making the reservation itself? No problem using Katrina’s Web-Interface! No need to record entries in multiple systems! With Katrina’s Web-Interface entries can be forwarded directly to your organization’s own website via XML- or JSON-feeds or ready-made event calendar as an iframe-module

With Katrina Web-Interface you can also publish automatically up-to-date information about your staff and Year Calendar events.

By simply logging in to your personal Katrina account you and your staff can ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate schedule information is published and available online!

> Katrina WEB FORMS

Make web forms for registration for occasions like confirmation classes, daycare, field trips etc. Katrina Web Forms is flexible when generating forms and provides also secure and easy processing of the enrolled.

A unique feature by which congregation and daycare students, parents, club/committee members and field trip participants etc. can simply fill out an online form to register into different events. The web form is completely customizable and formatted to display the parish’s proper name, symbols and colours.

Sent forms are securely processed directly using Katrina software. Enrolments are automatically logged into the program registry and are viewable only by those with proper access to the parish’s Katrina program.

Composing of the forms is easy and straightforward and you can also start making your form by copying a previously used one, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Katrina Web Form also offers many features made especially for parishes’ needs:

  • friend code makes sure you can grant access to same groups for friends
  • preliminary grouping by gender
  • automatic correction of names and addresses
  • possibility to send automatically the filled form to registrees email-address(es) when registration is complete
  • easy communication to registrees / groups straight from Katrina:
    • email, SMS (add-on) or address labels

Say goodbye to inefficient repetitive paper registration processes! Say hello to online simplicity!


Contact property administrators directly and manage maintenance tasks

By simply filing a request for maintenance directly using this feature, parish staff can be sure that their applications are dealt with as quickly as possible. The request is forwarded directly to the relevant person at the property maintenance department.

Detailed information regarding all maintenance requests is automatically saved in a history list.

Here’s how Katrina Maintenance Request feature works:

  • All filed maintenance requests are made available for overview by designated users
  • All designated users can file maintenance requests: users provide details on specific spaces and buildings to be serviced
  • Only those individuals with proper access may search for information regarding maintenance requests
  • All maintenance requests get timestamps, indicating the elapsed time of the maintenance call, thus creating an ongoing history record of all maintenance requests.

Katrina’s Maintenance Request feature is also available separately on its own! Inquire at jani@mvs.fi.


File and process applications for official Church trips, Create and send invoices

Create invoices for travel expenses accurately and easily with Katrina’s Travel Expenses application. Invoices go directly to the relevant individual within the organization for confirmation approval using a defined personal identification system. Invoices can be saved so the user can return to complete it at a later time.

Applications for official Church trips can also be made using the same format as in invoice publishing. The application goes directly to the relevant individual for confirmation approval, after which the user can then continue the application procedure using the same process as used in invoice publishing.

Katrina’s Travel Expenses feature is also available separately on its own! Inquire at jani@mvs.fi.


Keep track of all your organization’s collective bargaining contracts with our Work Shift Organizer and follow realized working hours

An application to help you organize and keep track of work shifts that can also be published to employees’ calendars. Compare logged work entries with previously planned work schedules. The application keeps track of all logged entries automatically. Collective bargaining contracts, agreed-upon work periods and other settings can be set for specific individuals.

As a new feature, Katrina Work Shift Organizer offers also an easy-to-use mobile version for logging work entries with GPS tracking.

Katrina’s Work Organizer feature is also available separately on its own! Inquire at jani@mvs.fi.


Organize camping facilities and reservations for your parish’s own use as well as travellers.

Katrina’s Camp Organizer is designed especially for the diverse and complex organizational needs of camp administrators.

Create precise time tables for camp schedules which detail all the day’s happenings from dawn ’till dusk. Organize and coordinate space reservations for different events on different dates to prevent double bookings.

Katrina Camp Organizer also compiles all reservation data to diverse statistical forms to help planning for future events and occasions.

Katrina’s Camp Organizer is also available separately on its own! Inquire at jani@mvs.fi.

> Katrina DEACONRY

Developed specifically for use by Church Deacons for church’s social work

Katrina Deaconry program has been specifically designed for use by Church Deacons. Katrina Deaconry uses a web platform and does not require any special software installation, so you can access your personal account from wherever you have internet access!

Katrina Deaconry’s easy-to-use interface means anyone can learn how to use the program without difficulty!

With Katrina Deaconry you can:

  • Keep track of budget information with the help of Katrina Deaconry’s real-time budget feature
  • Stay up to date with recent customer developments and update contact information regularly to ensure your organization’s statistic figures are current and accurate
  • Coordinate processing and delivery of aid and support packages easily and efficiently
  • Create customized consent agreements and power of attorney contracts tailored to your organization
  • Organize and implement operations plans for workers and volunteer groups of the Deaconry
  • Work in sync with the user’s personal Katrina Calendar feature so that information logged into the program can only be viewed by individuals with proper access
  • Record customers’ contact information quickly and easily
  • Customize program settings to suit your preferences
  • Save and edit customer lists easily
  • Compile real-time statistics about customers and events

Katrina Deaconry is also available separately on its own! Inquire at jani@mvs.fi.

> Customize your Katrina!

Katrina is readily customizable to suit the needs of all kinds of organizations. Contact us to tell about your special needs!

In Katrina Software we believe strongly that software should support organization’s needs as opposed to organization adapting to software’s functionality.

Our team is ready to help you customize your Katrina to suit your needs. Contact us today at jani@mvs.fi.

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